Dream on…

It’s third attempt to make this tunic. Hopefully last one 🙂 Tried top-down two times, now it’s gonna be opposite way. Fingers crossed 🙂 So I will not show whole project until it’s done and I’m happy about it 🙂

Nothing difficult, by the way. Just can’t get picture in my head out on needles. 🙂


I’m not sure, if that ice-cream helps to make a decision, but it’s absolutely delicious! Reminds me about childhood summers.


Tresho reizi meegjinu iesaakt tuniku. Pirmaas divas reizes meegjinaaju reglaanaa no augshas. Nesanaaca. Nu meegjinu no apakshas. Varbuut sanaaks.:) Shii iemesla deelj vairaak darbu labaak neraadiishu. Tik pabeigto, ja vien kaadreiz pabeigshu 🙂

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Oh my! Lazy me!

Lazy me! Just checked – last entry in blog is from January! And it’s April now!!!!! Actually wasn’t so lazy in knitting. But can’t say, that worked much 🙂 Just few projects done. Meanwhile lots of struggling about ideas and how to make them real 🙂


How you can work, when spring IS here? I have no idea! All those flowers, colours, smells, sounds!



Ak, slinkaa es! Paskatiijos blogaa, ka ieprieksheejais ieraksts tapis 1.janvaarii. Tagad tachu jau 1.apriilis! Kaa gan lai straadaa, kad apkaart pavasaris??? Tas sheit – Skotijaa – atnaak aatraak kaa Latvijaa, pat teiktu – ljoti aatri. Viss zied, zaljo, smarzho… visas taas kraasas, pavasara smarzhas, pavasara skanjas!

Prieciigu jums pavasari!!!

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