Dream on…

It’s third attempt to make this tunic. Hopefully last one 🙂 Tried top-down two times, now it’s gonna be opposite way. Fingers crossed 🙂 So I will not show whole project until it’s done and I’m happy about it 🙂

Nothing difficult, by the way. Just can’t get picture in my head out on needles. 🙂


I’m not sure, if that ice-cream helps to make a decision, but it’s absolutely delicious! Reminds me about childhood summers.


Tresho reizi meegjinu iesaakt tuniku. Pirmaas divas reizes meegjinaaju reglaanaa no augshas. Nesanaaca. Nu meegjinu no apakshas. Varbuut sanaaks.:) Shii iemesla deelj vairaak darbu labaak neraadiishu. Tik pabeigto, ja vien kaadreiz pabeigshu 🙂

By Agnese Posted in Nekategorizēts


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